Monday, March 3, 2014

Journal Entry 030314-C: An Unpleasant Prediction on the outcome of the Ukrainian Crisis!


I personally believe that Russia is only days away from over-running the entire country of the Ukraine!

I Hope the Ukrainians stand and fight as I feel they will! I wish them well and I'm sure they will put up the good fight.

I hope I am wrong and diplomacy works but when has diplomacy worked when we didn't have a military option on the table!

I support President Obama but for God Sakes why did he not use our military in Syria as I feel many of us feel he should?

I was watching Senator McCain earlier and I agree with many of the things he supports and I have on Syria since the genocide in that country began.

No we can't go in and Nation build and I hope the Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan understand I feel we won the wars thanks to your sacrifice but what I am talking about is how long are those governments going to stand and hell certainly they ain't gonna stand for us so Nation building doesn't work but The United States of America has to use it's military on a limited basis as much as most of us hate to even consider the loss of one American Life!

Bottom-Line. Again I wish the people of the Ukraine "God-Speed".

It is such a shame for the Russian people after the beautiful show they put on for the Winter Olympics that Vladimir Putin by his actions has almost erased those images from many of this planets citizens memories!

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

Thank you Wikipedia!

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