Sunday, March 9, 2014

Journal Entry 030914-A: A National Security Issue!

A few years back there was much debate locally on the subject of a proposed "Liquefied Natural Gas" Facility that was to be built in the Gulf of Mexico South of Dauphin Island to accommodate Super-Tankers!
The crisis with Russia invading the Ukraine has brought to mind that those "Facilities" are NOT only of an Economic nature but also of a National Security Issue!
The issue was mentioned on CNN last week or maybe the week before regarding our being able to supply our European Allies with Natural Gas on short-order in the event that Russia counters our Economic Sanctions with Sanctions of their own that could include "cutting-off" the many Natural Gas Pipe-lines that cross the Ukraine!
I am not an expert in this field and I am an avid supporter of the protection of our Oceans however who will defend our Ocean's if The United States and her Allies cannot?
Natural Gas has to be Liquefied to make it's transport economically feasible!
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God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!
Floyd Clifton Wooley
Thank you Wikipedia for the Link I have provided for my reader's to research. Yall get back with me and let me know you learn cause I'm just a scanner! I'm ADHD! I'm just a scanner!

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