Sunday, March 9, 2014

Journal entry 030914-B: Why our National Security is at Risk!

In my previous post I wrote about the importance of our country being able to supply "Liquefied Natural Gas" to our Allies on "Short-Order"!
I have provided a link that discusses Vladimir Putin's life-story. I'll make this short earlier today on CNN the Ambassador from Lithuania stated: "For Vladimir Putin to remain in power he needs a War!"
Iran and Syria should have been a warning if we didn't have one prior!
The Ukraine is NOT his to invade and take the Crimea for his own use!
President Putin is 62 years-old. His father lived to be 88. President Putin has at least a possible 26 years to restore the Russian Empire! Bottom-line.
In my opinion the elections in the Russian Federation have NOT been fair and they will NOT be fair in future elections until such time as former members of the Soviet Government and the career employees of that government are voted out or ousted from power!
That's about all I can write to you in this post this Sunday Evening but I hope you have enjoyed the post and have an opportunity to visit the links and until next time may freedom and democracy live forever!
One last thing I would like to say "Please stay informed of what this mans next move will be?"
God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!
Floyd Clifton Wooley

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