Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Journal Entry 031214-A: I Applaud Doctor Gupta!

I want to applaud Doctor Sanjay Gupta and CNN for providing the public with information that is and has "helped people" suffering from various ages from the very young to the older population to dispel the "myth's" surrounding Medical Marijuana!
Personally I feel that a Conservative Democrat with just a little bit of Liberal Leaning could win a dad-gum election in the South and Mid-West!
Maybe that is the dual point I am trying to make with this post?
The program last night that aired on CNN back to back beginning at 9pm Central would stir the most staunch anti-medical marijuana activist!
The program had me pretty darn quick.
I applaud you Doctor Gupta on your efforts to get some "Standardization" in the 20 States that already have medical marijuana laws so the parents of those children do not have to worry that the medication they purchase will have to be used to treat illness on a trial and error basis!
It was obvious the adults have some idea of their medical condition but from my own experience both as parent and the proud ownee of a York-Shire Terrier- I hate to give my dog a pill together with another one because she can't speak back to me.
I hope that isn't offensive to any parents or cat-lovers for Christ Sakes because I love every body but Fascists, Communist and Liar's.
Hell I tell a little white-lie but I'm talking about when People's lives are in danger or their freedom is involved not to mention their health and quality of life!
Bottom-line it is a subject many people must make up their own minds regarding the legalization or non-legalization of a naturally grown plant that appears to have some miraculous effects when using it to target specific illnesses.
God and his Son Jesus Christ bless you Mr. Gupta and CNN for producing and airing such a hopeful program.
Thank you Wikipedia! I'm going to have to make a donation now that I have my computer working!
I hope you enjoyed my post and have an opportunity to visit the Links Provided!
God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!
Floyd Clifton Wooley
P.S.- May I be so bold as to hope before I die that medical marijuana is legal in The State of Alabama and NO parent has to leave and go to Colorado as a family had to do in the program last night.
I'm in pain every day myself and I'm NO hypocrite another of my long-held beliefs so yes without a doubt I hope "Medical Marijuana" becomes legal in The State of Alabama!

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