Friday, March 14, 2014

Journal Entry 031414-A: My Opinion of where the Malaysia Airlines Plane is Located!


I have been reluctant to write anything regarding the missing airliner because those 239 or 233 families are in agony and I certainly would not want to be in their miserable position because as I said they are in pure hell!

I have felt strongly from the beginning the plane was hi-jacked and it has most likely been flown to the North-West toward Pakistan.

I don't say that with a 100% certainty in my guess or opinion that was the intended country the plane was to be flown but yes in that general direction.

I would guess I am correct to the 60 percentile range!

I am a little late making this statement but the other day I thought to myself "There is no way on hell that any airplanes Satellite-Positioning System should be able to be turned off for any damn reason that has been mentioned over the last few days after I first thought this to myself"!

If I were the engineer in charge I would have to get fired before I would let any plane off the drawing board that had a positioning system that could be turned off by anyone on that damn plane!

I don't know what the Chinese saw or the oil rig worker saw or why there was a seismic event in relation to this planes disappearance considering the purported Rolls-Royce Engine Data.

If I were the Commander of the 7th Fleet I would have the U.S.S. Kidd and it's assets looking a little North of West!

One last observation.

The co-operation among the countries involved in this search has been absolutely miserable!

Where is the Chinese Navy for God Sakes?

Y'all have a nice evening and God the Father and Christ his Son I hope the damn thing landed on an Island somewhere before the plane ran out of fuel for the families sake and theirs but I feel strongly that those people on that plane are already in heaven if it crashed and if it was hi-jacked those individuals are now dead and will never left this planet heaven and never will!

God Speed to the families of the missing passengers and crew!

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

P.S.- I like that plane we are going to build in Mobile, Alabama that floats not to mention the wings are seemingly designed to stay on the damn thing if you land it on the water! Please Air-Bus build the A380 with a Navigational and Positioning System that cannot be turned off- for any reason even if you have to get the rules or guidelines changed!


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