Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Journal Entry 031914-A: I have just begun to fight for the Ukraine!

I am stuck on this subject because I feel strongly enough to say that if I were in the Ukraine's Navy "I would NOT sit by and wait another minute to be murdered at the hands of Putin!
"I would break every command given me to sit idly by and be murdered without putting up a fight"!
Since I am a Navy buff I say this with a certainty in my heart! "I would attempt to get one of my ships out of that damn harbor even if it meant certain death"!
"I would and the Russian could rain missile's upon my ship and send torpedo's into her hull until she burned and the blood spilled into the water from her decimated crew but for God and Freedom Sake I would fight to the death to defend my Navy!"
God Speed to the People of the Ukraine and Damn the Russians full speed ahead as we have just begun to fight for freedoms sake!!!!
Dear Ukrainians please do not lay down and let Putin get by with taking what you have fought for centuries to have and that is Freedom!
This planet's governments may not come to your aid but many of  us individuals would come to your aid for "Freedom's Sake"!
I hope you enjoy the post and good God and Christ the Father I pray that the Ukraine will remain "Free and regain it's Territory once more taken by a Fascist"!
Take the Crimea by Force my Friends and hold it to the last man!

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Understand what I wrote comes from my heart and mind and is a serious message to my Ukrainian Friend's!
I hope you enjoy the links provided!
God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!
Floyd Clifton Wooley

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