Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Journal Entry 031914-B: A Tribute to those suffering on this Little Blue Planet!


I a few minutes ago watched on CNN as a poor suffering woman was dragged out of a Press Conference regarding information related to her family member's where-a-bouts along with the 239 Passenger's and Crew of the missing Malaysia Air-Lines Flight.

I sat there helpless to do anything to help that poor lady whom I think was Chinese.

I had to leave the room and I still feel for her- I wish I could say I felt her pain but that would be an absurdity on my part to say such a thing because I have never lost anyone in that manner.

I don't know what to say anymore regarding this issue except if I were her I would be in a "Bad" mood too and I certainly would never leave until this miserable excuse for a search for a missing plane in the year 2014 has concluded!

The year my friends is 2014!!!!

How in the Hell can you lose a damn plane?

This is not 1945! It is the year 2014!

I almost feel ashamed to do this again but please stop by and see me at Battleship Marine if you need anything for your boat, boat trailer or marine engine!

You may not believe this but I'm sick to my stomach at this miserable attempt to find a plane in the year 2014 while I listen to all these pundits give their opinion as to it's whereabouts and why it can't be found in the year 2014!!!!

I know there is either some debris or NOT so find the damn thing before those poor families have a permanent "mental break-down" and before it is used as a damn Missile and to Hell with Indonesia's Air-Space and please forgive me for advertising my business while people are suffering all over this planet!

As my Dad would say "This place sure aint Heaven!"

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

I honor all those families but if you don't mind me doing so I have provided a link on China the only way I have to honor their Citizens Missing! Look just a little North of West and if I'm wrong I'm wrong. God the Father and Christ the Son please be with those that are suffering on this little Blue Planet! Heaven must be a beautiful Planet my Friends!

This is NOT 1945 or Flight 19! It is the year 2014 40 plus years since Boeing most likely helped us get to the damn Moon! We found it didn't we and even a specific spot!!!!

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