Saturday, March 1, 2014

Journal Entry-A: Russia should stay the hell out the Ukraine!


Russia should stay the Hell out of the Ukraine.

I was under the impression that a "Very" large percentage of the population was Ethnic Russian.

After scanning the Wikipedia link provided below I learned that ONLY 17% of the population is Ethnic Russian.

The people of the Ukraine have spoken by demanding change and their elected officials have made a change.

My personal beliefs pull me toward Non-Intervention by The United States of America however if the Russian Government moves forces into the Ukraine to topple the elected Government that has listened to what appears to be the majority and for other reasons Intervention maybe necessary!

You may enjoy reading more about the Ukraine so I have provided a link to Wikipedia's On-line Library.

I would personally like to see better relations continue with Russia but an Invasion has already begun and we could possibly wake up to find that Russian Forces of a much larger contingent have occupied portions of a sovereign nation and I'm not sure this is a similar situation as faced in 2008 when Russian Forces entered Georgia and withdrew a short time later.

I haven't read all the treaties signed by the Ukrainians and our Western Allies but the Ukraine did give up their Strategic Nuclear weapons with some sort of assurances they would have protection in the event their Sovereign Nation was invaded and I would I assume the only Nation they were concerned about was Russia.

To end on a light-hearted note if you don't mind me doing so is the old President of Russia by the way where is he? Isn't he still a head of that Government? For God Sakes is he scared to open his mouth for God Sakes?

It would appear so just as he was as President but who the Hell would blame him?

Let's hope this isn't a sign of things to come from what I wish were our Russians friends but they just haven't proven anything but otherwise over the last few years- something I have often debated within in my own mind since the Soviet Union fell into dis-array.

So Putin thinks the fall of the Soviet Union was the greatest disaster of the 20th Century and I at one-time felt we were better off on this planet with a strong Russia if not the original Soviet Union as I have watched the turmoil unfold since the 1980's.

The difference between myself and old Putin are that I don't believe in foreign intervention unless it is swift, accurate and with just cause not to mention and not in the least extremely short-term!

Lord I hope that's the only thing we agree on for Christ Sakes!

What should we do? I doubt my opinion matters- well lets just wait and see but we cannot let Kiev fall!

If Russia invades to uproot the Government we should do what we should have done in Syria.

Take control of the Skies the Black Sea and jam the Hell out of Putin's command and control of his forces that are out side of their Military Facilities on the Crimean Peninsula and hope to God he doesn't escalate for the Planet's Sake!

Sanctions have never worked and they never will they only hurt the people and the poorer the citizens the more they hurt. Example: Well you count the victories sanctions have produced.

Have a nice Saturday Evening!

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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