Sunday, May 4, 2014

Journal Entry 050414-A: Sleeping on Tide Grey!

Yesterday I thought it was about time that my "Baby have some new sheets to sleep on!"
What better color than Alabama Crimson Tide Grey?
I guess you could also call them "Battleship" Grey!
Call them what you may but my baby deserved some new sheets to sleep on so I went with Grey!
Alabama "Crimson Tide" Grey or "Battleship Grey" pretty much would fit the decor or of anywhere that I would live and my "best friend" loves them!
Roll Tide Yall and I hope you find something or a local business on one of my "web-sites" or in the "pages" section that you would like to have for yourself!
If it's a "boating supply" item and you dont see it on my "web-site" in the "pages" section please stop by or give me a call at Battleship Marine and I will be more than happy to find it and order it into the "store" for you at a "discount" price hopefully saving you some "time" and "money"!
The phone number to Battleship Marine is listed on the "Battleship Marine" "web-site" as well as the "e-mail" address if you like to send me a list!
Hope to see you soon!
God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!
Floyd Clifton Wooley

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