Sunday, June 15, 2014

Journal Entry 061514-A: Happy Fathers Day Dad!

Happy Father's Day to my Dad!


Thank you for everything you have taught me and for the things that I learned from just catching a glimpse of something you were saying or doing that came to mind later in life that helped me in my life.

Sometimes it had to be in hindsight or maybe sometimes I ignored what I had learned from you and it may have cost me dearly at times but at least I am alive to look back and realize you were right!

Dad I am happy you are still with me on this planet so that I can say you were right about so many things that you either taught me or that I learned from you by just trying to pay attention to what was going on in your life! I feel very fortunate that you are still with me on this Planet that is to say!

Happy Father's Day Floyd Edward Wooley from your Son Floyd Clifton Wooley!

I love you very much!

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley
Roll Tide Roll!!!!!

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