Sunday, September 27, 2015

Journal Entry 092715-A: Today is the first Sunday....

Customer's and Friend's,

Thanks to the threat of a possible Tropical Depression- I got my ass out of my business and home yesterday and for the 1st time in a long, long time I did NOT wake up on Sunday morning wishing I were dead so let me thank the following........

1. My Customer's at Battleship Marine for making all of yesterday's events possible by supporting Battleship Marine during the month of September to the point of breaking a record for the month in Sales and last but not least visiting and supporting Battleship Marine yesterday a Saturday which is normally my worst sales day- heck yall bottom-line! You helped me break a record for a Saturday in Sales!
That was the booster rocket I needed to get out here yesterday!

2. I floated the boat up to the Blakeley River to just off-shore of Scott's Landing and the fish were thick as bricks on a house on fish-finder- Big One's yall! Mouth of the River up to Scott's!
I even waved at some of my friend's on the River catching bait and kayaking!

3. I ADHD'ed my happy ass home and watched the Alabama Game! Are we Ready for Georgia or What?

4. I visited my Son Lee's house to deliver my Grand-Daughter Lauren her 8th Birthday Present!

5. Thanks to my Daughter-In-Law- My shy ass strongly considered her advice to knock on her neighbors door and ask her out to the game!

6. I drove to down-town Mobile and watched as much of Jaguar game as I could against North Carolina State University!
Coach Joey Jones will get it done but may I offer one piece of advice that I know you are working on?
Get The Defensive Backs to look back when they can smell the sweat of the receiver next to them!
Go Jags!!!!

7. I came home cooked some supper fed my dog Boo Boo and woke up this morning with her tucked in tucked in close to my side!


I hope I touched everything that happened yesterday!

God Bless, Peace Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

P.S.- Greg Mason- Head Football Coach at Vanderbilt University taught me yesterday that you should never listen to anyone that calls you Grandiose!
Coach Mason you don't need me to tell you but keep on being Grandiose!

Go Dores!!!!!!!!!

P.S.S.- I am self-diagnose some thing! I am shy face to face when I am not in my comfort zone and even in comfort my zone- but that's business so that meets my ethics and values expectations of myself as it always has without this self analyzing! Hell Yeah! It's the truth no joke.

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