Thursday, December 3, 2015

Journal Entry 120315-A: The Words of the Bear On the subject of Team!

My Friends,

I had something on mind Today and I have been concerned with some things I have seen in our Country lately- it's almost impossible to turn on CNN or even an NFL Football game without thinking "My God!"

"Is everyone in this Country now working for a behavioral therapist?"

"Has every last Citizen of our great country had some nut case try strong arm them in some off-hand, in-direct or direct way into believing the lie that everyone is exactly the same and that we all have to act exactly a like?"

At 50 year's old I am beginning to wonder if my parent's that I love dearly aren't taking sides!

Friend's we have some other people on this planet that are worse than us as a group or an individual that we really need to concentrate on and let Johnny Manziel play Football even if someone has to tell his Coach- "Tell Johnny Football he can have a damn drink with a few Women around before his life is ruined as well!

Okay maybe mine ain't completely ruined but there could be behind the scenes actions in even a no-body such as I am and are there many more?

Just how many human beings in this Country have some control freak group trying to Control their minds and the Opinions of their friends and neighbors or at least make them feel that is the case to the point the person just says okay I am insane all the way to the core and you are right I will be better off as a person if I do nothing and I mean nothing at all to improve my mind and body NOT mention have some kind of life. 

So Johnny Manziel has a drink of champagne and dances with some women at his age and not to mention with his talent and get's bumped to 3rd string for having just a little more concern for his own safety as it pertains to his personality than setting a good example for our children when each and every one of those children want to be successful for the same reason that got Johnny Manziel "Like it or Not!" into Trouble.

What-ever the actual circumstances of Johnny Manziels situation a many of role model for success from my child hood would have never been on the field in Today's world and I unfortunately we have the same trouble with many individuals that wish they had never been born but don't want to damn actually kill themselves because in fact they have the same darn religious beliefs as the "Control Freaks" unleashed in their world to make them think they are just down right insane no matter what they believe while in the mean time the better part of the country's citizens are seemingly a little better off!

I don't want to take mind control medication so someone else can control my mind. I don't want to take medication that allows me to control my mind and have success in my life again as I once could do over the counter straight into my mouth and use the time I now waste with some eavesdroppers from Hell that claim some higher purpose that only feeds their bank accounts in fact to actually as I stated improve my life and hopefully have some success doing the same thing I have always tried to do!

Help make someone else's life better and have a life myself.

The Bear speaks so much of this type thing or situation being a problem without the negativity of the control freaks (Call em what you may!) in much of a way even being a central theme of the book!

I Love the book and the Bear but I have to buy a book that Coach Saban has written and I may do that tonight while I still can if you get my drift!

There I go again! Laughing at my own inability to shake some people off my tail!

Hell I just wanna build one more house, make love to one more woman and keep this little marine supply store on the track it has been on which is a little better but not good enough for me!

It would be nice to just have the full month too find the time for some activity other than fighting my own mind and body that is Hyper-Active far too much of the month- which I actually enjoy when I can pay attention to something for a few minutes like I am doing right now!

If I say another word I'm in trouble no matter if I have committed a crime or not but that I haven't!

Page 94 of the book the Bear.
5th paragraph from the including paragraph 1!
"You don't strive for sameness, you strive for balance. Kids are different, and you want different  personalities around them. They can't all relate to one type. On the Coaching end, there are Blackboard Coaches and there are Field Coaches, and a rare few who are both.
With some it's not how much they know but how much they can teach. Hank Crisp wasn't worth a darn on a blackboard, but when he got on that field he could make things happen. I was that way, a field coach. I've never been brilliant with X's and O's."

My God!

People are different  types and need similar type people around them so they can relate! They really do

He'll yes I say and you see the result of the everyone has to be exactly the same to the T in our country mentality that is actually more of a search and destroy doctrine of beliefs and actions among a small group of people that work together and good God a few of them may be from the Left and the Right which is a scary proposition for a peaceful person!

I try to see this groups point of view and different type people than myself - I wish they could at least consider mine point of view and position if I need to even have a position in other words I'm still a Mike the Elephant I just bought something that helps me do some different activities that I'm both depressed that I am not allowed to do and that I couldn't do at all! I think I might Love and Respect some of these coaches from Hell that spend so much of their time making my life difficult.

Maybe we could all go on Vacation together and discuss our differences on Vacation. I sure am willing to do just that.

Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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