Monday, February 8, 2016

Journal Entry 020916-A: My Damned Weekend in spite of you!

Customers and Friends,

I had a pretty decent weekend in spite of another person's efforts thanks to an old friend that has endured the test of time planet wide but is reviled in the Media some Religious Denominations a few health fanatics and a few from this group or that group!

Considering their are 4 Billion plus Human Beings in the country the original herb is grown- it must not have a bad reputation in their history.


The Government in that Country that virtually never is actually aggressive towards another country just recently repealed the 1 child per couple law.


I hope they will still sell us enough of the little tree so we can keep on building America!!
My God!

I Worked and Played this Weekend under the same extreme God-Damned pressure I face everyday! In spite of an other's pretty good electronic idea if not used on a person to harm and shorten their life.
In spite of your misuse of your invention or letting others use it too harm I went to a parade only to find my eldest sons family.

Had a one hour plus conversation with a beautiful woman that put a smile on my face!

A real Smile- one could last if so fortunate or not depending on all the complexities of life- approaching 50 and a lot of dirt roads have made the future outlook change from my youth.

Once during a 39 year span- I wanted to be "Secure" in my old age!

Young when you reach 50- if life hasn't fallen in on you both physically and psychologically so many times that you are broke in more ways than you can count- I guess that goal may still apply.

I'm not so sure even with money that is possible without your health both in mind and body damn-it!

That even becomes a concern for the healthy I would guess considering my parents age of 77 and good God to hear them tell it- they were freaking Health Nuts in their youth!

I Laugh when they talk about how young I am. I really do.

That NEW 50 is 40 stuff they talked about in the 90's may have materialized for some but please remember that probably on applies to the Rich if they are lucky so who really gives a damn whether you live too 100 hundred or not!

I hope we get another opportunity to do that soon!

I also accomplished some work around my business and home not to mention my boat that lays the ground work for future projects!

I even got some sleep! I always did anyway when it was over the counter medication too or I would be dead so if you keep me from trying to sleep as a spin for your own goals then don't claim me as a victory!

Don't claim me as a victory when I am dead either please because I have a better way and it is all about self-esteem and pride in one's work even if it takes that pill makes so Awesomely well that works for us Adults too!

That brings to mind that I walked a friend of mine's project today that he is building for one of his customer's.

You know if you think about it- when I was young and couldn't sit still then later until I happened upon that over-counter medication that kinda ryhmes with Adderrall XR to the best of my memory and as a doctor recently told me with Phentermine.

I wonder if a lack of confidence is related in any physiological way with being able to sit and just relax and have a conversation.

I sat as many as three hours one-time with a State Trooper as he instructed me on how he wanted his floor-plan on White crosses.

That wasn't even a personal best. Before the makers put the Quifessinon in the White crosses I sold 3 Homes in One-Day from could have been scratch- A 12 Hour job!

Hell I was married 20 plus years and took that herb in one form or another 24 years.
Put it back on the shelf so we type people don't have to suffer as Adults!!!!!!!


I got some computer work done too that hopefully insures some one's privacy!

No I'm not stupid! I'm ADHD and I must be depressed still.

I'm probably Testosterone deficient too cause most of us are after 40!

That makes for an irritable man not mention less confident.


I even told my son the other day- don't let the smiles fool you!

I can put a smile on but that is a facade.

So is another problem that I hope is related to that testosterone thing that was low a few years back according to the Cleveland Clinics Scale but not the Mayo Clinics.

Two different scales one metric system.

The bottom line.

Thank you so much too the woman I spent in conversation with a couple of nites ago.

Now do we make it easier to get back on our feet personally and professionally at the doctor's  office later in life after 40 or do we torture the hell out of people on Vitamins?

As a man that hates preventive doctor visits- I often wonder when will I have the confidence in my damn self to even give a damn again enough again to go?

There is only one plant and the fruits of its labor in a lab that solves my problems.

I think those are disabilities that as a disabled person i can ask freely without fear of retribution for to help my quality of work and life!!!!

Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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