Friday, February 19, 2016

Journal Entry 021916-A: LOL!

Friends and Customers,

See I am working on my boat!

I'm on the 21st Century "Pay as you go" plan for Christ Sakes!

1. I got Air in the Tires!

2. I got my Evinrude in the right place so I can put a New battery in it when I can afford it!

Hell No I ain't asking Mr. Ard to let me have a battery until I can pay for it cause his batteries are good and my word is too- I might die before I get him paid!

3. Back to #2. I had to take both bait wells off cause I forgot which side Ferrell told me the Trim release screw was for God sakes!

4. I cut the grass around the Boat today!

5. I will get Trim the Trim switches ordered from Negus Marine when I know the Damn thing will run again and I can pay for them too!

"To Hell with who becomes the next President- I'm for the Salt-Life Party!"

Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley 
Battleship Marine

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