Friend's and Customer's,

Behind me in the photo is a receipt for a Charitable Donation to an Organization I hold dear to my heart that my Company made a sizeable donation to when I was allowed to utilize medication to improve all area's of my life!

I planned a five Charity selection for each new homeowner to choose from the first year it was to implemented. Donating $100.00 of the Profit with the homeowner having the pick!

1. Ronald McDonald House Charities.
2. Habitat for Humanity. New Homes that are purchased. 
3. Lighthouse.
4. Saint Judes.
5. Penelope House.

An example of what the action of dumbing me back down after being knowledged up.

The meetings I held with Three Door Downs Better Life Foundation helped me choose the five charities.

I lost that opportunity was lost but it lives in my heart, mind and soul so I might love someone enough to still care. 

I am made to believe I will never have such an opportunity to do such work again.

The Police have turned me down flat but one lawyer did in fact offer his Services if I could meet the retainer. I have no argument with the Police but a Police Report I filed had the initial crime changed by striking it out and writing in Mental 6 year's ago.

It was full blown on the property Harrassment! 

I may be bullied but I will fight for ADHD Medication! The medication increases speed of your minds processor and frees up Memory Files just like a computer!

I'm denied the medication on information records that are false and misinformation. When intimidated with false and inaccurate information and person will react so screw the file!

Start a new one with new testing so I can rebuild my life!

This story is the whole truth and nothing but the truth as Jesus is my Savior!

Each month I am fed Apples but when I get something that motivates me to be a Loving person I am fed Persimmons!

In the process many people are hurt in the collateral damage including our Children's Future's.

I must not be their only Target- how could I be?

No body comes out a winner in this War but the on-lookers that don't need anything to improve their mind body and soul!

I was taught by my mentors to compare Apples to Apples then Oranges to Oranges NOT Apples to Persimmons. As I was taught they lose even if it's mutually assured!

Mutually assured Destruction is a miserable expected out come and I have to live part in the damage NOT to mention the damage to other people that work hard to prove the same thing!

I hope so anyway cause my records that show success in all area's of my life for 24 year's compared with the previous 26 with 12 straight year's of success in all area's of my life NOT to mention 12 straight year's of being an adoring husband and not a husband that was so frustrated by very little success and very little personal life that I honestly was a snappy person that worked at everything I did until I dropped but in hindsight- I don't think I did a very good job!

In fact I know I didn't.

Who knows if just talking about this problem with some individuals that didn't get involved in my life and camp out ready to jump at the chance to ruin another person's life particularly mine until just a few year's ago will ever solve it but it is impossible to not to respond in someway or I personally would go nuts in despair and depression.

I sure look like a hater when in truth I haven't made love to a woman that wanted to make Love to me in 6 year's Today when not to belabor the point- I was prescribed Adderall and Vyvanse in combination!

I'm sorry if it offends you but hopefully it doesn't I was being attacked then by people on a regular basis for trying to prove those medications were in fact improving my quality of life- the truth is I could handle those attacks upon my personal being were Extreme!

If those people had left me alone that woman's love would indeed have made me a better person that is assured!

The married people that tell you they hate each other most cetainly gain some personal improvement. Weird but why not a theory?

Some of those attack developers would have in fact even prospered.

I guess mind Coach's hate that a medication can allow you to make better decisions yourself thus eliminating their jobs.

I would personally help one of those Coach's if I had the mind medication I had then again with no attacks to prove it has no worth!

One morning after a qroup of individuals in fact had kept me up all night to destroy some of my ability to utilize a fresh mind a man that was involved told me too my face: "I wouldn't give that to my child if it was free!"
How did he know what medication I was on if he wasn't just trying to destroy my morale for the next night's attacks?

God Bless, Peace, Love and the Knowledge you gain by Education!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

I will have another opportunity to Love a Woman with these people at work in my life because I am prevented from having the Life to do so on a regular basis.

The Reply over a Damn speaker?

Your too Damn mean Now.

Friend's my God.

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Battleship Marine!

P.S. - I was called names at Mullet Point. This is and has never been a joke.
I had a guy have me pull his boat into Billy Goat Hole then mention to a woman in the ramp that I was or might as well be on Spice!
He wanted to pay me. I refused. It was a Set-up.
His Boat was right next to mine. It is against Federal Law to refuse a request for a tow.
He wanted me to pull in front of a Ferry that was arriving into the Harbor!
I had to cut my lines free to free up the ramps.
I took my regular 2 1/2 Doses of medication and one full pill.
He told someone at the Pier- you should have seen the handful of pills he took!
He laughed and asked if I wanted them back. I said "No!"
I left out done at him!
I was double teamed to keep me out of Construction for God Sakes!
The names were based on False and Misleading Information!
This story has to continue regardless of if my Enemies like it or not.
An Absolutely Heart Wrenching False Story was Circulated over the Weekend. 
This is God-Damned Independence Day!