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Journal Entry 070216-A: Get Up Stand for One Love or Lose your chance to use the Experience gained in life. Celebrate our Independence Day on the 4th of July 2016!


America the Beautiful is 240 year's-old Today July 4th, 2016!

Amazing thing that I had already felt in my mind that Human Intelligence would be the Test God would want us too pass in saving our Planet from the Armageddon by enabling us to avoid such a terrible event by using our intelligence to prevent such an event from happening in the first place which I had always questioned the obosite idea taught to me as a child that the human race would not have the intelligence to prevent such a terrible event from occuring -I visited Jamaica in 2004.

It is an amazing thought if you give it some thought yourself that we are taught from an early age that our God wants us to fail.

I understand some may find this sacriligious but I just do not feel that a God as powerful as our God would in fact want us to fail to the point of annihalation of the entire Human race.

I was amazed when I heard Bob Marley sing this very idea over and over over the air-waves in Jamaica.

I have to admit I was not familiar with Bob Marley or his music to a great extent but I certainly was familiar with Bob Marley by the time I left three days later! 

Hell I wanted to come back make enough money and buy a property on the Island- I enjoyed it so much as did my ex-wife!  The Two songs posted above embody beliefs I have held up as examples of what I really Beleive and a three day trip to Jamaica and hearing the man's music over and over made me realize I was not alone.

I laid on a beach and planned it out in my head.

It was a little more difficult than I imagined to implement a plan to return to what had began in 2001 as a well oiled machine I had planned out after year's of experience and mentoring by everyone that I knew that was successful or not but I fought the negativity that comes with tweaking a Team.

I laid on a beach and planned it out in my head!

I came back from that visit to Jamaica refreshed and ready to conquer and solve some issues in my business that were eating me alive when we left for Jamaica.

Simple Organization to the Tee with Authority Delegated to my Team so that I could look at the over-all picture of my organization and tweak any thing that was not being run exactly as my experience and education not to mention the adjustments to get back to a point in 2002 when our Flooring Trade contractor praised both Valerie and I when he told us that he had never seen such a precise operation of scheduling by any builder.

Hell I know there are other Builders that could wipe me clean off the map with their precision but the compliment was exactly where the operation needed to go which was only back a few months to the end of 2003.

The only thing that I gave a damn about was completing 40 homes in 2004 if we had to have walk throughs once a week for the last 8 weeks of the year!

I wanted those homes perfect and finished so we could have happy homeowners in at Christmas and New Year's and start off 2005 in line to do the same thing again- in fact I am almost certain that my assistants Reynolds and Lee discussed the possibility of 50 homes being completed in 2005!

It was a little more difficult than I imagined to implement a plan to return to what had began in 2001 as a well oiled machine I had planned out after year's of experience and mentoring by everyone that I knew that was successful or not but I fought the negativity that comes with tweaking a Team.

I could mention the most important mentor's in your life but after family expecially if they have a small business and you grow up picking up information on a daily basis even if in bits that you will only remember later in life if you just keep those experiences in the forefront they will help you tremendously in initial organization and operation every day of your life.

I knew what I needed to continue forward in a much more complex growing business if everything and everyone around me would co-operate in a non-divisive way well that happened but so did those things that we expect but even through experience and education - let me put it another way.

Control your Destiny! Expect to forget a lesson or two but your damned if you do!

Plan. Organize. Plan and Organize. 


If that is taken away from you then your team will lose faith in you even while trying to do there very best because after 3 years if your team doesn't trust you nor you the Team then the Ship sinks fast.

After Ivan with all manor of distractions personally, financially, psychologically and being a little too conservative to mail a check the day before the storm that if I looked back in hind-sight at the records and found that I had had the funds to operate a week or two without a draw on a completed percentage of a home well I might just throw up!

That check was held back strictly to give us operating funds to move homes forward in the event something went wrong.

Good God did it go wrong but it went wrong a little here and then a little here with the Hurricane having disrupted both Labor and Materials both in Price and Availability.

I've already written the details previously so I will skip the details that occurred over the next few months that although handled with one exception.

I was all over the mess and so was what was left of my team. 

We lost at least two framing crews to higher wages that were being paid on the Beach and the first Trade contractor lost was the Dry Wall contractor whose home was destroyed in Pensacola and politely and quite frankly quit.

I understood his situation but I was soon to find out finding a new drywall contractor after a hurricane that to me still has never been given the respect it deserved in it's affects on our area.

Outside influences that were Economic and Logistical in nature were in fact at play - I remember sitting at my conference table late one night as my then wife tried to overcome our book keeper leaving ahead of his planned departure thus depriving her of the much needed experience to just move a document into the right damn column so she press a button to print a check!

I watched sadly.

The book keeper had set up the computer program so that I would have everything at my disposal even the graphs and pie charts on daily basis for each job and detailed daily reports I could study after supper that would allow me to have a constant pulse but my wife did not get the training she had needed to run the business program for a business that grossed millions of dollars a year in 4 short years.

I couldn't even do what she could. 

I had a Sales Team, Trade Contractor Teams, Jobs to Visit and those decisions to make based on Data that now was becoming useless but my wife tried!

Tried Damn Hard.

One day after thinking back to what my dad had told me his grandfather had taught him I told one of my assistants in the office who happened to be my sister-in-law whom I trusted completely."To hell with the damn computer system. We are going back to forms filled out by hand and a Damn regular old Check Book!"Hand filled in forms, Schedules on the Wall and a Check book I carried were now back in use.Forget it.Those people's jobs are to make damn sure your organized records are useless as you are hit from different directions.You better be in the Psychological frame of Mind to Stand up and say "Wait a Damn minute!

 This question and answer barrage has too stop and you better let me start from number 1 on the list!"You better have a lawyer too that you have paid that can slap an injunction on the Meylay!


Fight-On anyway. 

You didn't have this learning opportunity by accident- it fell into place and if you get the chance it will help you in the future!

The Damn came together just in time for Hurricane Ivan in Shouldn't Peaceful Demonstration against the injustices of this Planet prove most effective. 

Yes we have to Fight when Attacked and Strike before we are Struck but from the Individual to Nations our Test from God is to prove ourselves over and over again until we have passed Gods Test and have been smart enough to avoid Destruction in our Private lives, Careers and the actions of our Governments!  

Did I remember this song when I needed it to strenghten my resolve- sometimes because of some good people that bring my morale up enough that I can make it through some times in my personal life that have been naturally trying to say the least but you know? 

I have received some relief from some outside sources that produce stress and I certainly appreciate them for that as I lost my mother last month- a person that loved life, music and the water not mention Jesus more than I and that is something in trying times we should all remember is that we need what our God the Father and Christ the son have provided us on this sometimes miserable little planet!  

Good Luck. 

Happy 4th of July Weekend and finally, 

 God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge! 

F. Clifton Wooley

P.S.- Thank you Dr. Nidal. I got somewhere yesterday afternoon that I should have had the ability to get too without you but you got me there!I didn't have the strenght and courage to attend well I did get there last night! 

In 24 years of being a daily experiment myself I was shocked that I was so low that there was no psychological lift to motivate me from just the idea of feeling better.
I had to let the dang medication lift me for the 1st time in 24 year's! 
I was actually worried for 30 minutes because in 24 years it took a damn hour not 30 minutes to raise my morale. 
I loved my mother for what she taught me and instilled in me but Dr.Nidal got me there and no one could ever possibly take that away.  

Everyone of us that has ever been successful at anything for any lenght of time knows what got us there and every individual along the way particularly 1 or 2 individuals will catch our attention and our respect and if we can pay attention to their every move and word we may just weather some exrodinary storms in life and not only have our dreams come true but accomplish the act of making other people's dreams come true.

If I mention the next thing that happened twice near Thanks giving and Christmas 2004 I might get sued for Liable because those two events were mishandled and by an instution that I should have sued when the documents were fresh but now who knows where those records are so keep your records safe and if it's your ass that will be on the hot seat answering questions from strangers that have no regard for you what-so-ever those records and documents better be at your disposal.

If you have them in order.

September 2004, a hurricane that passed over my beloved Jamaica

right into Beacon Beach, Alabama!

Now my question.  

I'm kinda ashamed to say where I went so just let yourself please imagine what I did not attend.

Get up Stand for your right to do what has made you a more intelligent Human Being. 

Save your life and let's pass the test and whip the enemy's of Love without losing our people in the psychological and of course physical manner that our enemies desperately want to use against us both Foreign and Domestic1 to 1,000,000 Billion of us if possible!

If it works for you or did work for you for years it probably does now- it will work for you now!

I should know after 24 years. Getting the proper label for that experience in life now is the key to success and has been.

Damn difficult. Worth the fight.

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