Monday, January 7, 2013

Journal Entry 010713-A: Bama vs Notre Dame! Game Day!

Well folks Step right up and enjoy the sights and sounds of the two of the most "storied" football program in the history of college football in the United States of America and hope fully available on the Armed Forces "Network" around the world- Lord I guess anyone with a satellite that lives in the "Free" world can see the game!

Lord I don't know all I know is that tonight is a fight between "Crimson and White Clad Pachyderms"
and "Gold and Navy Blue fightin Irish" and it should be a "helluva" war on the old grid-iron!

Lord if you haven't heard by now if you don't mind me saying so "it's tonight at 8pm EDT and 7PM CDT on more than one ESPN Network!

If your "lucky" enough to be in the Stadium pictured above "I hope you have the time of your life"!

I know as a Bama fan I'm planning to enjoy it on television but if your in that stadium scream as loud as you can!

If you leave that stadium able to talk you "haven't done your job" if you don't mind me saying so.

I wonder how many millions of us love this match-up and these two teams?

May the best Team win!

You know if you have read my posts I am a Bama fan so here's a big "Roll Tide Rollllll!"

Yall have the time of your life tonight!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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