Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Journal Entry 010813-A: Roll Tide! Irish Maybe we will see you see you next Year!


The University of Notre Dame "Fighting Irish"



The University of Alabama "Crimson Tide"

2012 BCS National Championship Game Follow-up!

Bama fans and Irish fans too,

Roll Tide Roll! I know every Bama Man hit his stride last night in Miami as we drowned those poor Irish but if coach Saban stays out of that NFL maybe luck will be on our sides and we will get back to that BCS Game again and who knows with a coach like Brian Kelly well get to play those Irish again!

I love those Irish and I'm a Bama man too! I may bleed Crimson but I wish the Irish all over this planet the best in the world!

Don't feel down today cause Kelly will get you there again!

I love yall's "Fightin" spirit!

As for the Tide! Roll Tide Roll to every last person associated with that "Glorious win last night from the fans I could hear hollerin Roll Tide and/or Go Bama to the Coach on the field or up in the box to every player on the field!

Roll Tide Roll and Go Bama! It's great to be from Alabama! I know you had a chance to sing that "beautiful song" last night after the game outside sun-Life stadium!

I hope to be there with you one day to sing that song myself!

Thank you!

Roll Tide Roll! Alabama 42-14-13-1-2012 National Champions! #15!

Floyd Clifton Wooley


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