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I am a 49 year-old divorced father of three adult children with six grand-children and one on the way!
I have a York-Shire Terrier. Her name is Boo Boo actually Annabelle but I forgot her name as a puppy and at the time I was a home-builder and just started calling her "Boo Boo"! LOL!

Well my Daughter was Boo for some reason I forget now so Boo Boo for Annabelle worked out about right except now when my daughter isn't around I call Boo Boo "Allie" sometimes so that just makes me think I'm more insane!
I Love to work- the water, boats, football, basketball and I used to Jog but I don't now!

I'd rather not go into the reasons that I don't jog cause it hurts too bad!

I Love the Alabama Crimson Tide and The University of South Alabama. I love them damn Jaguars out at South Alabama! I have every since my dad took me to see them play basketball in a sold out Mobile Civic Center with Cliff Ellis as Coach! 10,000 Screaming Jaguar Fans!

Paul William "The Bear" Bryant will always be my hero although I love how Coach Saban works his Ass off to win for The University of Alabama!

My Basketball Hero's? Cliff Ellis and Bobby Knight as Coach's and Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan and damn-it although I think he is misunderstood Dennis Rodman!
I was born on April 14,1966 so if you don't mind me saying so "I kinda feel out of place in the 21st Century!

That's a hell of a note cause in the 70's and 80's I thought this damn Century would be great!

Now my favorite movies are Dancing with Wolves and Legend's of the Fall.

I still like Science Fiction but my dreams of men walking on Mars in my life-time while I am still coherent enough to enjoy are fading fast to be perfectly honest! That's was supposed to be an off-hand Joke that's why Anthony Bourdain and George Carlin!

I like Gene Simmons too but didn't his Sweet-Heart stay with him?

I admire the hell out of Ty Pennington but for Christ Sakes I am NOT ADHD!

Okay I am ADHD and so far it sure as hell hasn't been a gift more like a curse.
I have a retail store in Fairhope, Alabama called Battleship Marine and if you get a chance stop by and see me and Annabelle "Boo Boo" Wooley.

I was married 20 plus years to a wonderful woman and one before that too but we'll leave that alone too so maybe the third woman in my life will be the charm!

I think I am NOW an extinct Old-Fashioned Democrat because I'm fiscally conservative proud of my Southern Non-Slave holding Heritage and slightly on the Liberal Side Socially!

I feel we should have the biggest damn military on the Planet and NOT use it- just sail the Seven Sea's with it and have the Best Damn Space Program on the Planet!

That's only one of the Reason's John F. Kennedy is my hero!

Franklin Rosevelt is another hero of mine as is Winston Churchill not to leave out Margaret Thatcher! I remember the "Faulk-Land's" war Yall- those English when stirred up can whip anybody even if they have to commandeer the Queen Mary!

My Political Hero's start with Bill Clinton and John McCain both of them are number one in my book!

I love other stuff too besides sports!
Thank you!
Floyd Clifton Wooley

I thought I would also post this...

  • I am not and never will be affiliated with any religion or denomination on this Planet. When I die I only hope there is a God and hopefully his Son Jesus waiting for me. In fact I hope it's Jesus since his daddy had him murdered- I just don't buy that do you really? Couldn't all of us miserable human beings be saved some other way my friend's? I don't appreciate that story of Jesus being sent here to be forced by his father to die for us then go back to Heaven after he asked his daddy NOT to let him be murdered and was told "tuff luck" Son. I just don't buy it my friend's. Peace and Love! 

  • P.S.- Although most likely considered an infidel by most that would have read this - my favorite person in the damn Bible is Solomon! Always has been- always will be my friend's. At least you know for sure he was a man that loved and respected women- bottom-line. I personally think after what Solomon endured on this miserable planet that he is happy to be dead and either in Heaven with the Angel's or Dead just laying there Dead and in the ground peaceful somewhere. Unfortunately when I die I most likely won't get to come back from the dead or Heaven to tell you about it so I will see you when you get there my friend's! Again, Peace and Love!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reply to issue's with Web indexing during purchase exchange.

11-14-10 Sunday, 10:00 pm


  • Thanks for answering my question or at the very least for taking the time to reply.

  •  I wasn't sure what had happened other than that when I clicked through on the "your site is ready and available for use" button I realized the too sites had been in tangled in a manner of speaking and I had worked tirelessly to get one task finished and another the Battleship Marine Site, etc. was only purchased as next on a separate list of let's secure that domain name in that manner now because our next project to begin is one me myself and I have been planning to begin as soon as possible.

  • I might add my experience in the past has been more inclined to include some facets of that upcoming project.The online boat store and if you live next too me that is fine well work together on the project!

  • I hope you both are having some success if not more with whatever your plans have been online are doing well because to be honest I may just be a little too ignorant to make what I'm trying to accomplish happen which was to learn the technology in a more in depth manner than I had delved in the past and help somebody with some advice or information I had picked up in my own life and maye explore the possibility of that being a different profession in the process to consider

  • I am a builder but it has been a heck of a ride in that feild over the last few years and with what mental capacity I have left and some medication too that once had me at a level of intelligence that I felt I could accomplish some goals that I had only dreamed of on a daily basis but wasn't sure I could handle til I bought gas and discovered a whole new world of possibilities!

  • Unfortunately that has been part of this bumpy road and I don't know about yall but now I am just glad that I'm alive and can write this letter without running out buying a bottle of Crown with my last few dollars and driving my old boat that even the value has dropped on out in the Gulf and waiting for a ship heading to Jamaica! I'd probably come back to the point there that when the economy completely recovers from the beating it took over the last decade in one way or another I may still have enough intelligence and the money to build another house for someone whether they like the fact I'm the builder they hired or not because the last folks that didn't think I was doing a fast or good enough job after a natural disaster had been declared from a dozen hurricanes but only one at that time directly over their house. That I hardly knew except for the couple of times I had met them when I passed them in my office because I did like to meet my customers as much as possible beleive it or not!

  • Because the business I had built was such that I shouldn't have to have dinner with them every night or be a mind reader or be able to predict that someone else had told them I'd be over at their house on a specific day but obviously forgot to tell me and I did go to their house that day because they came to the office and got me then one cussed me out on my calling to wish them a merry christmas!

  • Just in case it may help in some future endeavor that yall are involved in I had to endure that and be my own attorney at a meeting that was set to keep them from dong what they said they or he would do christmas eve and that is ruin my life while my attorney sat there and wouldn't speak for me for whatever reason than I'm on drugs and ADHD I'll never know otherwise but the other people's attorney must be on drugs or a damn good attorney because when the man lost his cool and said some derogatory words to me- their attorney asked them both he and his wife to please control themselves and let me speak because he wanted some damn body to be nice and solve their problem which wasn't really one and he knew it so that is amazing at least it was to me.

  • I fired mine tried to meet their expectations let them know I wasn't God but if they wanted me to act like it I would do my best in a nice way and to buy from their specified building supply that I already was buying from! To keep from paying me they threatened to have me arrested if I tried to complete the job although not to the minute on the schedule I shouldn't have been held to but within days of doing that very thing!

  • To top it off a couple liked the house so much they asked me at my office one day just in the brief time I had to be there because by that time I was the not the lone ranger but close to it because the storms and wars had pushed prices so high and materials were so scarce I couldn't guarentee I could have twelve houses actually more than that on scehedule to the minute anyway! Hell that was a few days later after they fired me when this occurred to finish that part of the story the couple come to me directly and asked if it was for sale and when I said no they said that's a shame because we would be willing to pay whatever price they had been told it would cost. No I didn't know exactly myself because it was the Taj Mahal or least looks like it now and maybe that is why they wanted a judgment against me for the full amount of a contract that I most likely would have been hell bent to complete without putting up some more money myself and the bad part of it is I wouldn't have asked for another dime!

  • I did miss the one chance to be in court with them because the attorney I had didn't remind me of that date which they normally do and I didn't take him to the capital with me to be harassed by the State the same day or something like that but Alabama is a beautiful State and the website is handy! They got the shaft and so did I so maybe yall could help out by coming down and spending a few days I'll show you around.

  • You normally wouldn't ask for more money by the way considering the normal manner in which people acquire the funding to buy a house. Unless your a crook there isn't a storm and they are fair minded with you so you don't have to because the few that aren't are a pain but the on'es that aren't a pain which is most make us ready to start another one.

  • To top it off my new attorney was winning back my ability to stay in business and my ability to stay on drugs when come too find out there are conspiracies that I couldn't beleive because if I had and the truth be known I might think it was the ADHD drugs I was on that if I didn't have now or if I had sooner in life I may have chosen a another field to pursue in the first place but that is not true if you love the one you are in and people but are run out of by that conspiracy that may have just been put in place to get me off drugs in the first place!

  • If I said I need drugs I might be a drug addict but it would just lead me alcohol so I'd have to go out and get drunk every day and night to get over the trauma of not being Ty Pennington's brother because god forbid anyone could actually know enough to say they were ADHD in the first place without some other busy body turning them in for being in fact smart but to them only a pagan!  

  • I'm just about insane to do anything much less something I love which brings up the web site's because that I love and told me told me that some people were trying to run me out of town before she found out that it was actually happening but had a gut instinct that was better than mine or maybe I was too busy to see in my crystal ball becuase there was a conspiracy which you know is true when only less than half of your customers the one's not in the disaster zone or that thought they were builder's themselves in the first place were happy to take over from here now but latter put the screws to me and the State because it wasn't as easy as they had imagined! Go figure!

  • Anyway most were close too completion- finished with the houses or the majority of the houses in the time frame of a production builders own secret schedule on a timely schedule even in the middle of the worst situation in 50 years that started when they blew up the towers they made money easy to get decided to stay on after the war was won lose the other one after it was one once just for the hell of it so we could win it again but and I guess they were trying to because I'm too traumatized by the whole awful affair to look up a phone number much less try to investigate anything and it would be low tech and a waste of time now because I can't pay an attorney or a private eye!

  • Who knows because Now I'm just trying pay my ex-wife some compliment for letting me know that I was in one heck of a conspiracy that fell apart because the first attorney that put it together to my knowledge got run out of town like he should and I wouldn't leave town if they assassinated me because I've lived here my whole life and I'm the only one left that wants to be a builder except for a few and the people that I love that wanted me to quit everything now are either in a new house or on their way to being builders themselves or designers or whatever but I will say this I like boats  and have several years of experience in that business as well and my goal to be secure is gone so it wouldn't be a problem anymore if I just  was doing something I enjoyed I love to talk and women too for that matter so if you get chance stop by my site's and let me know what you think too because no body wants anybody to tell the rest of the story anymore!

  • I know this was a long letter but dad-gum even yall are numbered in levels and and asking if this answer is better than the other! Are yall in a twelve step program or in Federal prison? I'm just kidding. Maybe it's the nut house cause you better be liar up there because in Alabama you can be convicted without a trial and not know what the trial was it will make your head spin so much the speed that is carried out. I want to propose unless they drag you out of the swamp and your not foaming at the mouth they give you some notice so you can get your own attorney.

  • Yall have a good day and by the wife my ex-wife says she loves and says she hates me on face-book but that's okay cause I'm a sucker for a woman that will put up with me now that I've been being stolen blind since I was twelve or have seen it working for my family!

  • I'm a lot more confident and upbeat than you might think!

  • Floyd C. Wooley, sole owner
  • Floyd C. Wooley Enterprises, LLC

  • www.kickmyass.com d/b/a, http://floyd-wooley.blogspot.com 
  • http://GCGOshoppingspree.com, www.thegulfcoastssexysunny.com

www.BattleshipMarine.com is planned for the spring if not sooner depending on how they things hold out! Peace.

to: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Webmasters/user?userid=16993566566330968850&hl=en

Thanks yall!

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