Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Whew! Lord help the poor and unknowing ADHD!


I'm learning to work while I feel like death because Let's see my government allows Insurance Company's to act as God all the while leading some us poor souls and how many that aren't ADHD and just plain at the mercy of drug company's that have no regard for their clients because the FDA is benign!

The problem is the FDA let a mere 15,000 people out of a 63,000,000 that is million dose pool of individuals complaining of nothing more than insominia and a few other poor souls that may or may not have had major health events with a few high profile deaths in the late 90's ruin one more way for the Amercian people to treat Narcolepsy, Asthema, or even ADHD and maybe a little pain to top it off  over the encounter!

The reason I'm upset oh hell mad as hell is I'm trying to live in this perfectly drug free after suffering for years wen  lost my medication trying to get educatedon something that I didn' beleive in but took a medication finding comfort, motivation, focus and concentration on that I had neverhad before!

Not realizing what the hell I was doing was the best damn thing I could have ever done short of being on Dexedrine or Adderll XR before it went generic!

Ephedrine! At least it wasn't crack or cocaine you know and it worked very damn well.

Now we all that were doing just fine are either in drug rehab, considered on meth or crank or whatever, trying keep our insurance paid up so we can get a patented name brand drug or do without and live with all the other crap this past ten years as brought us in state of depression wondering what happened to our country!

Well all I can say is demand a name brand medication for heart or your chemo-therapy or you might never know what killed you for God's sakes!

Ain't that some shit? You could trust a mini-thin to get you home alive in 1997 but in 2011 your generic amphetamine I hate to call generic adderall may or may not  do anything but make you wish you had lived in the last century and kicked the bucket doing your job at who knows maybe 75-100!

If not like the "Bear" said price of victory is high but so are the rewards! You get to die at 64 a champion!

I just hope I get 1. that is one more chance with Vyvanse! Lord please help me and everyone else that can benefit from it to do so!

Otherwise maybe the new government in Egypt will take our constitution and do it one better!

Maybe Ireland or Scotland but right now I'm just trying to get over the stupidity of our govenment officials to promote generics as "equal" to or better than a "Two-way"!

Good God do you know what a two-way is?

It had 25mg of Ephedrine and 100mg of for a lack of a better term-Robitussin in it!

It sucked when they started putting that cough medication in our asthema medicine but what hell was to come!

This Barr sucks! Period!

Thanks Blue Cross and Blue Shield don't worrybout me or my crew risking our lives for your Iranian Inspector putting in another foundation for you because you let me and millions down each time force us to decide between
the what if I had the Real thing and possibly death!

The FDA too! Id rather make it home alive after working my ass off or working my ass off in the officen sitting on my ass til I got over the depression, yeah that's right not bi-polar just depression only to be the most energetic person on the planet with no direction!

Or worse! Which is  real possibility Mr. President and I'm a Damn democrat so to hell with going to war with China or some shit next make the FDA do it's job to make medications effective and available!

And Shire file that injunction against Watson to stop them for 30 months so we don't have to worry about our young ADHD getting disillusioned on that crap!

Because Insurance or not because some neurologist tells the poor kid "oh the generic is just fine" and cheap!

I wish Barr would come get a sample of this shit and tell me our t is specs under court order God-damn-it!

We aint cold, got the shakes or nauseated and were focused as hell!

Motivated? We jogged and read a book on Trigonometry!

God who makes the chemo now that I've been through rehab I'm scared to take an Aspirin! Unless it's a Bayer!

Tiger what you taking for pain? Man that energy bar any good?

Charlie keep your attorney handy cause I think you got poisoned and your family has the papers to take your cash flow some champagne to celebrate!

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge! Other than the bad jokes the medication plea to our fellow kind- Human I guess is sincere!

-Floyd C. Wooley

No offense to my doctor because she knew I'd hate this medication but I had to pay Blue Cross for my children til they are 26 and I'm glad of it!

Thank you!

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